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In the following pages I will outline "what you need for digital photography..." (Nikon and Canon are at the top of this game ... are you a Nikon or a Canon? - read - coming soon)

If you'r gonna take photos, you may as well use equipment that will give you the best results, here is a list of cameras for the serious beginner to the advanced amateur or semi pro. Lenses that will complement your camera and allow you to use it to its potential, and computers with software (coming soon) that will let you process your raw files, organize, catagorize, store and archive your images for many generations to come.

In the following list categorized by brand and level, I included the top equipment in its class with links to further reviews and information. I choose two reviewers which will give you a perfect and accurate overview of these cameras and lenses, dpreview from a more professional and organized analytical perspective, and the controversial Ken Rockwell from a more joe to joe perspective. Just like Ken says, its really not so much about the equipment, a pro can make a great photo using a disposable he bought at Walmart, however, as I say, if your gonna go, go all the way! Good equipment will not make you a pro, but if you take a great photo with great equipment, its a moment immortalized.
With that said, all the following cameras can give you amazing results, if you learn how to use them.
Camera DX Serious amateur Serious amateur Semi pro Semi pro
  d90 Rebel D300s canon eos 7d

Nikon D7000
In this arena there are a few more choices, D5000, the now outdated D90 and the brand new D7000, in a new class somewhere between the old D90 and the D300s it is the newest tech with features and capability which outperformes both. 16 MP, 18 Scene Modes, new 39 point AF system, HD video and great ergonomics!

Canon 60D
Much like the Nikons this is a sweet camera that will not disapoint the amateurs well on their way. Scene Modes make this an ideal choice for someone learning.

Nikon D300s
Yet another one of Nikons master pieces, from great high ISO performance to speed and versatility and 720p video to boot.

Canon EOS 7D
With its great quality high MP count (18MP) great high ISO capability, 8fps shooting speed and 1080p HD video there is not much to dislike here.

  Review by KenRockwell
Review by KenRockwell
Review by KenRockwell
Review by KenRockwell
Camera FX Semi-pro/Pro Semi-pro/Pro    
  d700 canon eos 5d machII
pro or
a serious

Nikon D700
The king of the bunch
Although getting up there in the lifecycle years, this is still a king. Superb autofocus, unsurpassed low ISO quality, amazing speed, the low 12 MP sensor is only an issue if you print posters...
And the superior in everyway Nikon ergonomics.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Well, and another king ...
When Canon came out with this body, it was a huge leap, this camera just has it all, amazing low ISO capability, a wapping 21MP sensor, great image quality, 1080p HD video ...
If it wasn't for the awkward Canon ergonomics.

  Review by KenRockwell
Review by KenRockwell
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